Tools and systems

Lloyd's provides a comprehensive collection of tools and systems for market participants.


AiMS is a secure web-based system that was devised primarily to facilitate the co-ordination of audit activity for coverholders who have multiple market counterparties, to minimise the disruption to their underwriting activity. During its design and development its remit has been expanded to cover all coverholder audit activity and incorporate the audit of claims TPAs.


Atlas is a secure web-based system that will act as an electronic filing and online application system for coverholders.

It deals with three main areas of coverholder activities:

  1. New coverholder applications, including branch applications.
  2. Changes to Coverholder permissions that are applied centrally by Lloyd's.
  3. Annual compliance data that can be made available to all interested Managing Agents and Lloyd's Brokers.

Binding Authority Registration (BAR)

The Binding Authority Registration website is an online market system for Brokers and Managing Agents for the registration of Lloyd's binding authorities.

Business Timetable

Lloyd's business timetable provides information on the regulatory and franchisor deadlines that apply to the Lloyd's market including deadline dates, descriptions and links to any relevant market bulletins.

Core Market Returns (CMR)

The Core Market Returns system (CMR) is a web-based system, used to collect syndicate level data to enable the Corporation of Lloyd’s to meet its reporting and analytical requirements.


Crystal provides Lloyd's market participants with quick and easy access to international regulatory and taxation requirements.


DOPRINT enables Lloyd's Coverholders to print insurance documentation in Italy.

Funds at Lloyd's

The value of a members funds at Lloyd's is largely determined by the level of insurance business they underwrite.

Insights Hub

The Insights Hub is a secure web-based platform that provides Managing Agents with a one stop-shop of data on their portfolio, market-wide trends as well as global statistics.


Lineage is a cost effective online tool used for the reporting and settlement of Canadian binding authority business. It also generates reports for regulatory reporting.

Lloyd's Wordings Repository

If you're an underwriter, wordings technician, or broker, you know that all the terms and conditions of an insurance contract - including policy wordings - need to be certain before policy inception.

To help you achieve contract certainty, the Lloyd's Wordings Repository enables you to view vetted policy wordings and clauses regularly used within the London market.

Market data collections

A variety of data is collected to enable Lloyd’s to exercise oversight of the market as well as to fulfil our reporting obligations to UK and overseas regulators and other stakeholders. Over time the quantum and nature of the data collected from the market has undergone significant change. The Lloyd’s Market Data Collections (MDC) programme is a strategic initiative closely aligned to TOM, that has been created to improve the ways in which Lloyd’s collects, validates, stores, reports, governs and distributes data. This platform will make it easier for the market to provide information to Lloyd’s.

Member Modelling Software

The Member Modelling Software enables members' agents, managing agents and members to model participations and establish Economic Capital Assessment (ECA) requirements.


Mocha is a system which allows the Coverholder to capture policyholder details, risk and premium data which forms the basis of the insurance certificate. In addition compliance with certain key elements of the binding authority is verified before the insurance documents are electronically signed.

Mocha is primarily for use by Coverholders, to enable them to produce insurance documents that are electronically signed and issued, and compliant with certain key elements of their binding authority, when doing Italian business.

QA tool

The Quality Assurance (QA) Tools provide experienced market specialists with periodic updates and prompts on contract quality requirements for open market and binding authority contracts.

Risk Locator Tool

The Risk Locator Tool provides guidance on what to consider when identifying the locations of risk for regulatory and tax purposes.

Secure Store

Lloyd’s Secure Store is a secure web-based facility that allows Lloyd’s Market users to exchange files with Lloyd’s Corporation.


Lloyd's Workbench is a single central platform that helps coverholders manage the full placement process from rating to handling premiums, paying claims and beyond.

It integrates seamlessly with Lloyd's systems and requirements and is part of our drive to make our market more responsive and cost effective for coverholder business everywhere.



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