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Welcome to Lloyd’s Academy

Lloyd’s Academy is the industry-leading commercial education platform for risk professionals to deepen your knowledge, strengthen your network, and leverage the unrivalled power and solutions of the Lloyd’s market.

Through expert-designed in-person and online courses, events, business simulations, and interactive sessions, our programmes will help you and your team advance your career, grow your community, and optimise the solutions you bring to your clients and customers every day.

Upon completion of your chosen course or event, you will have the opportunity to join the Lloyd’s Academy alumni, a members-only community for risk professionals to keep learning and growing together.

Benefits of our programmes

Deepen your knowledge

Our programmes feature a range of expert-led signature courses, intensive boot camps, in-person seminars, online webinars, and learn on-demand modules designed to deepen your understanding of market dynamics and risk trends, enhance your knowledge of specialist insurance coverage and products, and unlock exciting new opportunities.

Strengthen your network

Our courses are delivered by leading underwriters, brokers, and subject matter experts from the Lloyd’s market. They are attended by ambitious risk professionals from every part of the world and every career stage. Each course is an opportunity to learn new skills, make new connections, and grow your network.

Leverage the market

All of our programmes and events are targeted at helping you go further and do more in your work. You will discover how the innovative risk solutions developed in the Lloyd’s market can help your clients achieve their goals. You will also learn new ways to communicate these unique solutions to your clients.

Discover the Lloyd’s Academy

Upcoming programmes

Explore our range of exciting programmes to determine the best fit for you or your colleagues.

Academy news

Essential news and updates from Lloyd’s Academy and our alumni community, see what we’ve been up to at the link below!

Learn on-demand

Access online streaming content enabling you to learn anywhere, anytime.

Academy alumni

Keep learning, sharing, and growing together with our alumni community.

Partner with us

There are a number of ways that you can collaborate with Lloyds’ Academy.

  • Partner on a programme: We work with insurance brands, members associations and education providers to help their audiences better understand and access the Lloyd’s Market’s solutions
  • Join our faculty: We are seeking inspiring and engaging underwriters, brokers and subject matter experts from across the Lloyd’s market to join our faculty of presenters for our programmes
  • Host our delegates: Lloyds’ brokers and underwriters can help our risk manager and broker delegates experience the Market first0-hand by hosting a shadowing session

Connect with us to tell us how you would like to collaborate at the inbox below.

Delegate experience

Lloyd’s Academy are committed to providing an industry-leading commercial education platform for risk professionals to deepen their knowledge, strengthen their networks and leverage the unrivalled power and solutions of the Lloyd’s market. 

We asked our alumni to describe their experience with the Lloyd’s Academy first-hand, hear their thoughts for yourself in the video below.

Example programmes

If you’re interested in seeing how a Lloyd’s Academy event or course is structured, please see below what our delegates experienced as part of the 2023 Lloyd’s Broker Academy and 2023 UK Bootcamp