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New virtual mentoring programme now available

Mon 27 Jul 2020

Are you looking for a mentor? Or are you keen to use your experience and knowledge to help others? Then look no further…

We’re delighted to announce that our online mentoring programme will now be delivered through a virtual mentoring platform, enabling more individuals from the Lloyd’s market to access valuable mentoring support in a more efficient, effective and cost-friendly manner than the more traditional approach that it is replacing.

We have reviewed feedback from previous mentoring programme cohorts and redesigned our programme to better fit the needs of the market. This involves moving from a ‘once a year’ pairing to a system where people can join as and when they need support, or feel they are able to offer support to others. We feel this will result in greater impact on their learning, performance, capability and growth and will allow mentors to support more mentees as appropriate.

Mentors and mentees will be matched by their online profiles and put in touch with each other so that they can discuss if the match fits what they’re looking for. Frequency of meetings, the length of the mentoring relationship and the outcomes they’re looking to achieve will all be decided between the mentor and mentee. The platform will support them in this journey by providing access to learning materials, as well as areas where they can create goals and make notes.

As with our previous mentoring scheme, there is also a focus on helping those involved to develop their network, with the platform enabling users to contact others to share experiences and build their contact base.

How to apply

Removing the reliance on face to face mentoring means anyone working at a Lloyd’s managing agent or the Lloyd’s Corporation, regardless of their location, can apply to the programme.

If you would like to apply to be part of the programme, please contact the Lloyd’s Talent Development team, indicating which role you would like to undertake (mentee, mentor or both) and a couple of lines on what you hope to achieve from a mentoring relationship.

Please note: You can apply to the programme at any time, so please make sure it’s the right time for you. Acceptance is subject to the availability of user licenses at time of application

Lloyd’s Talent Development team