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We're supporting Mental Health Awareness Week 2023

Mental Health Awareness Week is an annual event that's dedicated to raising awareness in understanding all different types of mental health

Each year has an official theme, this year it's 'anxiety'

Anxiety is one of the most common mental health problems we can face and is an important topic to raise awareness and increase people’s understanding of. 

We want individuals to come together to shine a light on the importance of mental health, the impact of mental illness, and to highlight all the great resources we have available. 

We know that mental health issues can have a profound effect on an individual's wellbeing, as well as their productivity, which is why we believe that raising awareness is so critical, not just for the week, but throughout the year. 

Find out how you can get involved. 

Mental Health Foundation Webinar: Anxiety and how Lloyd’s is supporting better mental health for all

Tue 16 May

Join us online to hear from the Mental Health Foundation on how Lloyd’s partnership supports young people with their mental health through their pioneering peer education project 'U OK'. You’ll also hear from the Foundation on the topic of anxiety and come away with top tips and resources.

Wear it Green Day

Thu 18 May  

Join us for 'Wear it Green Day' to help raise awareness and money for mental health. We're asking you to wear something green and donate to the Mental Health Foundation so that they can continue driving good mental health for all of us.

Financial planning in action with Amanda Redman

Thu 11 May

Amanda is an award-winning Chartered Financial Planner and author of the book ‘Dare To Be Fair: how to know your worth and build yourself a better financial future’.

Join Amanda to hear about and discuss 

  • having a healthy money mindset
  • how to budget
  • setting clear goals
  • saving vs investing
  • planning for life’s curveballs
  • overcoming the motherhood penalty
  • and retiring successfully

Buy a ribbon

Why not purchase one of our green ribbon pins throughout Mental Health Awareness Week? 

The green ribbon is an international symbol of mental health awareness and by wearing one, you show your solidarity. 

You can purchase a ribbon from the Lloyd's Coffee House (suggested donation is £2).

About our charity partner, The Mental Health Foundation

The Mental Health Foundation was chosen as one of our 2023 partnerships. 

The Mental Health Foundation is the only UK charity focused on improving lives by taking action to prevent mental health problems for all. Funding from the Lloyd’s of London Foundation is supporting the project 'U OK?' The project helps young people going through mental health struggles during college and university across England, empowering them to take well-being into their own hands. 

This is a really important cause to support, as young adults are particularly at risk of developing mental health problems with 75% of mental health problems developing before the age of 24. Young adults often lack the confidence and worry about being judged more than other age groups so getting them to seek help is difficult. 

Find out more about our charity partnerships.

Global Community Engagement, Lloyd's

28 Apr 2023