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Lloyd’s is a 2022 Top 75 Employer for social mobility

Monica Stancu

We are delighted that we have been recognised as a Top 75 Employer in the Social Mobility Employer Index 2022 for a second year in a row

In 2021, for the first time Lloyd’s achieved 75th spot and made it into the public rankings for the first time. This year we have received our new ranking of 45th - a significant improvement of 30 places in the last 12 months.

The Social Mobility Commission defines social mobility as the link between a person’s occupation or income and the occupation or income of their parents. In other words, ensuring someone’s background doesn’t determine their future.

Led by The Social Mobility Foundation, the Social Mobility Employer Index is a cross-industry benchmarking initiative. It assesses and ranks UK employers on the actions they take to ensure they are open to talent from all social backgrounds. Entering the index allows us to benchmark our activities against other organisations, and also to have a framework against which to see where we can and should make further progress.

Employers are evaluated across seven areas: their work with young people, routes into the employer, the attraction of staff, recruitment and selection, data collection, progression of staff and experienced hires and advocacy. 

Our robust action plan and the improvements to our data, culture survey, MP&P, Early Careers, resourcing data and other activities have delivered a significant improvement in our position.

Social Mobility Foundation logo

Social Mobility Employer Index 2022

The Social Mobility Employer Index is an annual benchmarking and assessment tool for employers. The Index shows how employers are performing on eight areas of social mobility.

Lloyd’s and social mobility


We have a series of partnerships that focus on young people from underrepresented groups. 

SEO London

For instance, our SEO London partnership prepares talented young people from diverse backgrounds for career success. Through this partnership we seek to drive a cultural shift and create an inclusive workplace where everyone can achieve their potential regardless of their gender, ethnicity or social background.

As part of our partnership with SEO London, this year we supported over 800 young people, placed 89 school and university students on work placements across the Corporation and the market and welcomed over 85 students to the Lloyd’s building to raise awareness of the insurance sector as a career option for young people. We had over 180 employees volunteer and support throughout the programme.

The Switch

Through our partnership with The Switch, Lloyd’s helped students from Tower Hamlets schools meet their potential and raise their aspirations through a number of employability, skills and aspirational building programmes from developing interview and CV skills to mentoring and career progression. The Switch aims to link the educational sector with corporates and introduce students to new environments, people, and the world of work.

Lloyd’s Community Programme 

Lloyd’s Community Programme, now in its 11th year, encourages students to pursue new experiences by going to university outside of London to give them a chance to become more independent and prepare for successful future careers. Through a cash bursary of £5000 per annum for three years we have supported 70 university students to experience life in a different city to where they grew up. As part of the Bursary Programme, students sign up to SEO London, to take advantage of development opportunities, which gives them access to insight days, mentoring programmes and available work placements.


Early Careers

Our Early careers team has taken steps to make the recruitment process more accessible and transparent to young people. For instance, we have created an uploaded a number of videos to help coach candidates through our application process and these are included in all candidate communications. We have no restrictions on universities or subjects studied. Also, in early careers interviews, we ensure that only standardised questions are asked.


We moved from a competency based to a strengths-based assessment. Strengths based assessment for early career looks at a candidate’s capability and engagement authentically without them needing to provide historic examples of where they have demonstrated each strength. 

Dive In

Each year social mobility has featured as part of Dive In, the diversity and inclusion global festival for the insurance market that we lead.

Social mobility data 

We are collecting social mobility data to understand our workforce, track progress and identify any gaps.

Get involved

Volunteer on the Lloyd’s Community Programme or mentor the next generation.

Monica Stancu - Diversity & Inclusion Manager, Lloyd's

09 Dec 2022