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Cyber risk at Lloyd’s

1 November 2022

Today sees two cyber risk events in One Lime Street.

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Lloyd’s Lab Cyber Innovation Showcase


As the number and complexity of cyber risks and attacks is increasing, so is proliferation of cyber insurance solutions providing capabilities for a full cyber value chain.

Today, Lloyd’s Lab is showcasing the most innovative cyber solutions from the Lab alumni and businesses working with Lloyd’s market. 

Lloyd’s Cyber Risk Summit


Cyber is one of the most complex and critical risks threatening national security and businesses today. Tackling this ever-evolving threat requires continued action, collaboration, and an agile approach. 

As the world’s leading insurance marketplace, Lloyd’s brings together experts who share intelligence, judgement, capital and risk to create a braver, more resilient world.

This unique summit will see senior business leaders, policy makers, cyber risk specialists and thought leaders discuss creative solutions for this emerging and interconnected threat.

Networking drinks


Attendees of both events are welcome to join networking drinks taking place in the Underwriting Room.

Lloyd’s building

One Lime Street



Building cyber resilience

We bring together the expertise to deliver creative cyber risk solutions today for a more resilient tomorrow.