The Performance Management Data Return (PMDR) captures information on premium volume, rate change and benchmark pricing on a quarterly basis and is a key tool for the Performance Management Directorate (PMD).

A copy of the latest version of the PMDR Instructions is available below, together with three documents that provide information to assist underwriters to understand the usage of the PMDR. The PMD Return Specifications are available from the Help function within the PMD Returns page on the MDC (Market Data Collections) system.

Requests for assistance with problems uploading the data files via the MDC system or any other queries relating to the system should be directed by email to the mailbox or by calling (+44 (0)20 7327 5530).

All queries regarding the completion of the PMDR forms, should be directed by email to the Data Quality Team (

PMDR Instructions

PMDR Underwriters' Guide

PMDR Renewal Scenario Examples

PMDR Price Change Monitoring in the Lloyd's Market