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Risk codes

Find information on risk codes with access to related market bulletin, guidance notes and a list of risk codes

The following documents are available to download.

The risk code listings are in the form of Excel spreadsheets which, although cell contents are locked, do enable the user to cut/copy/sort/filter and to generate pivot tables. 

Important notes

  1. The information provided via the above links should be regarded as the sole source of correct and up-to-date listings of Lloyd’s risk codes and guidance relating to their use.
  2. The guidance notes relate to Lloyd’s risk coding system and provide background information, general principles which apply to all codes, and detailed guidance on certain specific risk codes. These guidance notes are provided in order to assist Lloyd’s underwriters with the correct selection of risk codes, and to assist Lloyd’s brokers and Lloyd’s managing agents in matters relating to the processing and reporting of insurance business written at Lloyd’s. Whilst these guidance notes may also be read by any person(s) seeking general information, Lloyd’s accepts no liability arising as a result of such person(s) placing reliance on the information contained therein.