The attached schedules set out the 2020 timetable for tax collections by Tax Operations in respect of US Federal Income & Excise Tax, Canadian Tax and Singapore Tax. The first spreadsheet shows the timetable by tax and the second shows the timetable through the calendar year.

Dates of collection from the syndicate are approximate only and may vary by a few days either side. This is particularly the case with US Federal Excise Tax collections due to the fact that the data necessary to compute the tax is only available three working days after the month-end and we then provide the market with ten days notice of collection. This can also mean that in some cases Lloyd's funds the tax to ensure that payment deadlines are met and this explains why in some cases the due date for payment to the Tax Authority can be earlier than the date of collection from the syndicates.

You should also note that there may be further collections of tax throughout the year in the case of audit adjustments. We will however endeavor to provide the Market with ten days notice of collection for such ad-hoc collections.


Details of the 2020 tax payments by tax

Details of the 2020 tax payment by month