Lloyd’s Global Development Centre designs, develops and delivers tailored programmes that promote Lloyd’s as the leading specialist (re)insurer. The GDC also provides an environment in which business relationships can be formed and developed through interactive sessions, workshops, presentations and networking events with the market and technical specialists serving the (re)insurance sector.

GDC programmes ‘de-mystify’ Lloyd’s for those with little prior knowledge or experience. All attendees have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of niche classes of business through access to underwriters, Lloyd’s brokers and subject matter experts.

The GDC provides a platform for the Lloyd’s market, giving businesses access to a diverse audience of brokers, risk managers and cedants , supporting the development of Lloyd’s business globally. They also showcase the expertise and innovative thinking to be found in the market.

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The GDC actively engages and co-ordinates with the LMA, LIIBA and their members to create customised programmes to meet the requirements of specific audiences and showcase Lloyd’s and the London market.

We work with international professional membership organisations and representative federations / bodies such as Airmic (Association of Insurance and Risk Managers in Industry and Commerce), BIBA (British Insurance Brokers' Association), FERMA (Federation of European Risk Manager Associations), IAC (Insurance Association of China) and MGAA (Managing General Agents Association) amongst many others.

Programmes based in London offer participants first-hand experience of the market with opportunities to develop new relationships between the market, brokers and their clients across the globe.

We also work with Lloyd’s Country Managers worldwide to support regional programmes for local brokers and cedants, primarily in emerging markets, who are not able to come to London. Participants on regional programmes won’t get the same immersive market experience but we can expose them to some of the expertise and experience of the market.



Programmes could feature all or a selection of the following:

  • A Lloyd’s day when delegates will receive presentations on Lloyd’s; its structure, financial strength, international reach, etc. as well as tour of the iconic Lloyd's building.
  • Class of Business presentations from leading underwriters and brokers on a wide variety of subjects including Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Crisis Management / K&R, Cyber Risk, Marine Liability, Political and Credit Risk, Supply Chain, Cat RI and modelling, Product Recall and many other classes of business
  • We work with Managing Agents and Brokers across the market to feature prominent experts on line of business as well as key topics such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and innovative product development

Take a look at the Spring Worldwide Programme at Lloyd’s and the AIRMIC and Lloyd's Professional Development Programme to see all the elements of real GDC programmes.