Frequently asked questions for ATLAS.

These questions have been tailored to common queries we receive from the market. If your question is unable to be answered please contact your devolved administrator in the first instance.

The task has been approved and the information has been updated on ATLAS but its not reflected on BAR.

ATLAS and BAR talk overnight to each other, any information which is changed on ATLAS will be reflective on BAR the following day after the overnight update between the two systems.

I am unable to log in as my user credentials are invalid?

In each Lloyd’s broker and managing agent  there is a super-user called a devolved administrator. The devolved administrator is able to appoint new ATLAS, BAR or Secure Store users for their organisation and decide whether that user has read-write or read-only access. The user credential error message appears when a user's account is not set up correctly.

The devolved administrator needs to edit the user’s account to decide the access type for each broker code. For more information on devolved administrators, including the guide for editing users’ accounts, please see Devolved Administrators here.

Why can’t I access a PIN?

If you are a coverholder you will need to contact coverholders@lloyds.com to request access to the PIN you require. If you are a broker you will need to have a broker relationship with that coverholder before you can see their information, please refer to the relationships page. If you are a managing agent you will need an associated managing agent, please refer to the relationships page.

I want to lead a binding authority/carry out due diligence with a coverholder but cannot access their information, what do I do?

Please see the relationships page.

How can I see where a task is?

Please select the drop down box to ‘ongoing’, you will then see where you task is.



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