Delegated Authority Articles

A selection of topical articles concerning delegated underwriting.

A new version of the Coverholder Reporting Standards, Version 4 is now available. Following consultation with the market, Lloyd’s has updated its Lloyd’s Coverholder Reporting Standards and published the 2015 version.

The Lloyd’s delegated authorities team is driving an initiative to coordinate the audits of those Lloyd’s coverholders that have multiple binders with different lead underwriters.

The video of the managing agents and brokers Town Hall event, held at Lloyd’s on 1 May 2015 can be viewed below. This outlines all data requirements as well as updates on claims, complaints and data standards.

London’s data hunger used to be driven by the need for risk modelling and investors requirements

A new version of Lloyd's Coverholder Audit Scope was launched in February 2014. The scope is now split into two - a general section and a contract specific section. The underwriting and claims sections have changed significantly.

We talk to Bernie Heinze, Executive Director of the American Association of Managing General Agents (AAMGA), about the challenges facing the US insurance sector and Lloyd’s as a market of ‘first resort’.

In July 2013 three new model binder wordings were released. There is one for the US, one for Canada and one for worldwide business, excluding the US and Canada. The new wordings were created to reduce the number of model wordings and endorsements in use as well as to reflect regulatory changes and the use of new technology. The new format should also be easier to use.

Want to give your staff the freedom to work remotely away from the office and their home? Find out how the Delegated Authorities team has revised the rules to make them clearer.



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