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Xchanging Ins-sure Services (XIS) and Xchanging Claims Services (XCS)

XIS/XCS are responsible for Lloyd's market processing.


Lloyd's market processing is primarily provided by two companies:

  • Xchanging Ins-sure Services (providing services formerly offered by LPSO, Lloyd's Policy Signing Office); and
  • Xchanging Claims Services (providing services formerly offered by LCO, Lloyd's Claims Office).

These companies were created in 2001 to bring a more commercial focus to the area of market processing.

Xchanging Ins-sure Services

On 1 May 2001, Xchanging Ins-sure Services (XIS) was created as a separate company (owned by Xchanging, Lloyd's and the IUA) to provide a comprehensive policy signing bureau.

XIS provides services in four broad categories:

  • Outsourcing
  • Processing
  • Business process services, including the Market Wordings Database (MWD)
  • IT infrastructure.

Xchanging Claims Services

On 1 November 2001, Xchanging Claims Services (XCS) was created as a separate company (owned by Xchanging and Lloyd's).

Services include:

  • Lead adjusting
  • Claims management
  • Peer review
  • Non-moving claims review
  • Recoveries
  • Broker services
  • Claims processing.