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Association of Lloyd's Members (ALM)

The ALM is run by an elected board of underwriting Names. Its mission is to advance the interests of Names.

 The main objectives are:

  • to work for the creation of a more dynamic and profitable Lloyd's
  • to maximise the income of members from their underwriting and to increase the value of their capacity
  • to preserve the position of members as substantial providers of capital to Lloyd's and, where appropriate, to encourage the recruitment of new Names and other new spread capital
  • to ensure a level playing field for all participants in the market
  • to defend the interests of members no longer underwriting.

The ALM produce publications providing financial analysis of Lloyd's syndicates, MAPA's, quoted vehicles, managing agents and members' agents. Although totally independent, the ALM is generally consulted by Lloyd's on all issues affecting Names, producing carefully considered responses. Whilst much of the expertise resides in-house, the ALM also on occasion retains top professional advisers to ensure the best possible quality of legal and tax advice

Most active Names are members of the ALM in order to benefit from its publications and conferences, as well as its lobbying on their behalf. Lloyd's members' agents support the work of the ALM and openly commend the ALM to their Names.