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Lloyd's has set out the process to be followed for international (non-UK) complaints in Market Bulletin Y4961 - International Complaints Handling: Expansion of New Procedures. For Irish complaints the process to be followed is modified in a number of aspects as set out in Market Bulletin Y4896. These changes reflect local regulatory and legal requirements and market practice.

Lloyd's arrangements for international complaints are intended to allow for the oversight of complaints handling, consistent with the regulatory expectations of the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), whilst allowing flexibility for managing agents in the way they handle complaints in accordance with local rules.

Definition of a Complaint

An expression of grievance or dissatisfaction by a consumer, either orally or in writing, in connection with:

  1. The provision of the offer of the provision of a product or service to a consumer by a regulated entity or;
  2. The failure or refusal of a regulated entity to provide a product or service to a consumer


  • A prompt acknowledgment of the complaint
  • A written response must be provided within 40 business days  

If a complaint is resolved within 5 business days of receipt, a brief description of the complaint and details on how the complaint was received must be provided to the International Complaints Team separately to the International Notification Spreadsheet.

External Dispute Resolution Service

When responding to a complaint, the complainant must be informed that if they remain dissatisfied they may be able to refer their complaint to the appropriate EDR service, for review. They should be provided with the full EDR contact details, which can be found in the Complaints Handling Summary.