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Definition of a complaint

A complaint is an objection from a client that relates to: the insurer’s failures and activities prior to, or upon, the signing of the contract; contract fulfilment by the insurer; contract termination; the settlement of any contract related legal disputes after the contract has been terminated.

Definition of a complainant

A “client” in the definition of complaint above is an individual person or a commercial entity.

Application of Lloyd’s procedure and local complaint regulations

All insurance policies written on a freedom of services or establishment basis.

Hungary has local complaints rules which in some areas are quite detailed. Managing agents writing Hungarian business should ensure their procedures are compliant with all local rules.


A final response to be provided within 30 days of receipt of the complaint.

EDR scheme and eligibility

The relevant EDR scheme depends on the nature of the complaint. Please see Crystal for further information. 


Financial Consumer Protection Centre

Hungarian National Bank

BKKP Postafiók: 777

1534 Budapest 


Tel: +36 80 203 776


The Financial Arbitration Board

Krisztina Korut 39 

1013 Budapest


Tel: +36 80 203 776


Local Regulatory Reporting Requirements


Lloyd’s Complaint Notice

A new complaints notice for Hungary will be published on the Lloyd’s Wordings Repository. It will be referenced in the Pre-contractual notification and Insurance documents sections of Crystal.