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Definition of a complaint

A statement of dissatisfaction addressed to an insurance undertaking by a person relating to the insurance contract or service he/she has been provided with. Complaints handling is differentiated from claims handling as well as from simple requests for execution of the contract, information or clarification.

Definition of a complainant

A person who is presumed to be eligible to have a complaint considered by an insurance undertaking and has already lodged a complaint e.g. a policyholder, insured person, beneficiary, an injured third party.

Application of Lloyd’s procedure and local complaint regulations

The Lloyd’s complaints procedure applies to all insurance policies written on a freedom of services or establishment basis.

The local complaint handling regulations apply only to policies written on an establishment basis.


A prompt acknowledgement.

A final response should be issued within 50 calendar days of receipt of the complaint.

EDR scheme and eligibility

There are three External Dispute Resolution (EDR) schemes in operation in Greece. All of them will deal with complaints in respect of establishment or services business.

Hellenic Consumers Ombudsman

144 Alexandras Avenue

114 71, Athens


Tel: +30 210 646 0862

Fax: +30 210 646 0414


Hellenic Consumers Ombudsman website

Complaints must be submitted to the Hellenic Consumers Ombudsman within three months of the complainant becoming aware of the act or omission that gave rise to the complaint.

Bank of Greece

21 E. Venizelos Avenue

102 50, Athens


Tel: +30 210 320 1111

Fax: +30 210 323 2239/2816


The Bank of Greece will only deal with complaints that come under the definition of a complaint (see above).

General Secretary of Consumer Affairs

Kaniggos Sq.

10181 Athens



The general Secretary will not deal with complaints about refusal to pay a claim or a delayed claim payment. Also, it will not deal with civil claims.

Local Regulatory Reporting Requirements

Lloyd's is required to report complaints data in relation to its establishment business to the Bank of Greece each year. This is done centrally by the Lloyd's Country Manager for Greece on behalf of the Lloyd's market.

Lloyd’s Complaint Notice

A new complaints notice for Greece LSW1878 has now been produced.

It is available on the Lloyd’s Wordings Repository and is referenced in the Pre-contractual notification and Insurance documents sections of Crystal.