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Become a Lloyd's partner in China

Find out various stakeholders of Lloyd’s China.

Lloyd’s China has various stakeholders including:

Direct placement

Ceding companies are able to directly place reinsurance business with Lloyd’s China.


Unlike the requirement for placing risk into Lloyd’s in London, any brokers can easily access Lloyd’s China for reinsurance placement.

However, brokers dealing with onshore reinsurance business are required to be registered in the China Reinsurance Registration System. Lloyd’s China can only deal with those registered brokers to accept onshore reinsurance business.


Only local licensed agencies can enter into agency cooperation agreement with Lloyd’s China.


Lloyd’s China also builds up good relationship with policyholders to add value where necessary upon requests.   


Lloyd’s China creates strategic partnership with some key stakeholders within and outside of insurance industry to expand distribution channels in the aim of widely promoting Lloyd’s brand and thought leadership.