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Road to market

Each product will have a slightly different road to market, as a bespoke rating engine and related documents are created.

To achieve this, we will draw heavily on Lloyd's expertise, knowledge and extensive library of documents and reports to make developing products straight forward with swift delivery to market. 

1. Build

Gather the details on the rating/ workflow approach, required documentation and suite of reports. Build the rating schema and embed into the product, while developing the key documents. The rest of the product including data capture, billing and claims reporting, are already in place.

2. Go live & support

Once stakeholders have tested the product and satisfied it is working correctly, a date is agreed for the product to go live. Immediately following go live, close support is provided to quickly answer queries or deliver fixes for issues that may not have been found in testing. Following this period, the product has a full support model including client helpdesk.

3. Introduction

Demonstrate the system and explain how the development will work. Discuss the product to be developed to understand its structure. Agree who are the key stakeholders to provide the detailed requirements and test the product.

4. Test & train

Stakeholders are fully trained on the system. Once trained, the bespoke elements (rating and documents) are tested to ensure working as expected. Any fixes identified are quickly resolved and retested.