Developing employees is critical to our business and at Lloyd's you will be actively encouraged to acquire new skills and knowledge. This benefits both you and the organisation and will enable you to meet new challenges and ensure Lloyd’s longer-term success.

We became the world’s specialist insurance market by embracing things others would not. We're not afraid to try something new - whether it be exploring an emerging market or developing new technology to map risk hotspots. Nor are we afraid to fly in the face of common practice, if it helps improve us as an organisation.

The Lloyd's market was built on face-to-face negotiations and close collaboration is still very much encouraged here. We always prefer to talk through an issue in person. We think it's a more effective and enjoyable way of working.

Finally, we enjoy a challenge. In fact, we thrive on them. We’re not afraid of making tough decisions or tackling big issues. Nor are we shy about suggesting a new or radical way of doing things. We love fresh ideas, and we look forward to hearing a few of yours.