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Our partnerships

At its core, the Lloyd’s market is built on collaboration. Collaboration between insurer and risk owner, but as the world around us changes and the challenges facing society grow, so does the scope for collaboration.  

At Lloyd’s, we’re proud to have several strategic partnerships with key organisations around the globe, from industry to government and with those whose strategies and capabilities are aligned with our own. 

Today, our strategic partnerships include chairing the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Insurance Task Force, founded by His Majesty King Charles III in 2020, our work with the Earth Space Sustainability Initiative (ESSI), the Lloyd’s Disaster Risk Facility and more.

Explore our partnerships

Sustainable Market's Initiative Insurance Task Force

Together with other insurance leaders we are working to put nature, people and planet at the heart of global value creation with the Sustainable Markets Initiative’s Insurance Task Force.


ClimateWise is a collaborative endeavour by insurers to drive action on climate change.

Earth Space Sustainability Initiative: ESSI

As it becomes ever easier to access space, emerging issues of sustainability and responsibility are requiring the market to collaborate. The ESSI is designed to ensure the sustainability of space exploration and development.

Sherbro Alliance Partners

On 06 February 2024, Lloyd’s signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Sherbro Alliance Partners (SAP) to support economic resilience and growth opportunities on Sherbro Island, Sierra Leone.

Emissions accounting solution

We have collaborated with Moody’s Analytics to develop a solution that will help to quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across managing agents’ underwriting portfolios.

AsOne Ukraine grain facility

A new joint facility to offer cover for grain moving in and out of the Ukraine.

Disaster Risk Facility (DRF)

The Disaster Risk Facility (DRF), launched in 2015 is a consortium of six Lloyd’s syndicates, the facility seeks to close protection gaps for the countries and communities around the world most impacted by disasters.