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‘Crowded Space’ school competition

For UN Space week, Lloyd’s partnered with international photographer and science communicator Max Alexander to raise awareness of space sustainability and the role the insurance market plays in promoting it. To date, an estimated one million objects larger than one centimetre have accumulated in near-space.

We invited students from our partner schools in the UK and across our global network to invent ways of capturing this space waste, and bring their ideas to life in whatever way they wanted using their creativity and imagination. We received a number of inventive solutions from lasers to robots and would like to thank all the students who took part in helping to bring this to life.

The winners

Image of Ajwad Tanveer Hussain and Muhammed Jibreel Ali's design

Ajwad Tanveer Hussain and Muhammed Jibreel Ali
13 years old, Mulberry Stepney Green Maths, Computing and Science College, Tower Hamlets

Ajwad and Muhammed created a presentation detailing how their space waste invention, Space Debris Laser Ablation, worked. 

Image of Jan Franco Alvarez's design

Jan Franco Alvarez 13 years old, CES Waldorf, Colombia

Image of Nicolas Esteban Betancouth Molano's design

Nicolas Esteban Betancouth Molano 8 years old, CES Waldorf, Colombia

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Our first space sustainability event

As part of our 'Crowded Space' campaign, on 6 October we held our first space sustainability event at Lloyd’s, bringing together voices from across the space industry including the UK and European Space Agencies, Warwick University and space underwriters from across the market. The event line-up included British astronaut Tim Peake. Two of our competition winners, Ajwad Tanveer Hussain and Muhammed Jibreel Ali, joined us at the event and you can see a selection of images capturing their evening below.

Lloyd’s school partnerships

Mulberry Stepney Green Science College is a partner school of The Switch which runs Lloyd’s employee volunteering programmes to help children and young people meet their potential. Find out more about how we support schools in Tower Hamlets through our partnership with The Switch.

CES Waldorf contributes to the education of children, young people and families in conditions of vulnerability and social exclusion. Lloyd’s supports educational, artistic and cultural programmes to strengthen children’s education as well as developing communities.