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Secure store

Enables Lloyd’s Market users to securely exchange files with Lloyd’s Corporation

Secure Store may be used by the Corporation to distribute files to market users, and also by market users to upload files to Corporation users.

How to get access to Secure Store

  • To become a user of Secure Store you will first need a account
    Register for a account
  • Secure Store contains numerous sites which distribute/collect different files for different purposes.
  • For each site you require access to, your Devolved Administrator will need to log into Lloyd’s Access Framework (LAF) using their RSA token and add you to the appropriate user group for that site.
    Devolved Administrator user guide 
  • If you’re not sure who your Devolved Adminstrator is, please contact the Lloyd’s IT helpdesk on +44 (0)20 7327 5333 or
  • Once added to a site user group in LAF you will be able to log into Secure Store using your account and view that particular site only.

If you need to change or require an additional Devolved Administrator please email