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How we train and examine Lloyd's Agents

Lloyd’s Agency Department is committed to raising service standards. A programme of training and examinations exists to ensure Lloyd’s Agents achieve and maintain the high professional standards that are required by today’s clients. This programme comprises of the three modules and the regional training seminars as noted below.

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This module tests the Lloyd’s Agents on a number of topics including how Lloyd’s and the Lloyd’s market operates today, minimum service level requirements, conflicts of interest, international sanctions, anti-bribery, etc.

NB.  The Lloyd's Agency Introductory (Standards and Values) module was launched in March 2014.

This module focuses on practical and technical surveying skills at all levels. The material also includes effective report writing, basic Institute cargo clauses and Incoterms.

NB. The Technical Cargo Surveying module was launched in 2012 and replaces the previous Certificate of Cargo Surveying Practice 1 & 2.

This module focuses on the application of the Institute cargo clauses and principles, cargo claim adjustments, third party recovery claims, general average and salvage.

Download Claim and Recoveries  - module 3

Training seminars are held on a regular basis and Lloyd’s Agents are invited to attend for intensive training, to sit examinations or, where they have previously acquired the above Certificates, to undergo refreshment.