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Lloyd’s Agents shall use reasonable care, skill and due diligence to perform services in a professional and efficient manner in accordance with good surveying practice. Lloyd’s Agents are also expected to meet and perform to approved service levels.

Service Levels and Standard Terms of Engagement

The standard terms of engagement when nominating and/or appointing a Lloyd’s Agent for both the Lloyd’s Agent and/or Insurer and/or Instructing Party are as follows:

On notification:

The Lloyd’s Agent will immediately obtain basic information concerning the subject matter, the value and the nature and extent of the potential loss.

The Lloyd’s Agent will immediately take all reasonable steps to contact the Insurer (and/or nominated party shown on the certificate of insurance) to confirm:

  • whether they are free to accept the appointment without conflict
  • the terms and conditions of the appointment
  • whether there are any relevant clauses within the policy that need to be considered e.g. restricted conditions, policy deductible, No Survey clause etc

If the Lloyd’s Agent is unable to contact the Insurer (and/or nominated party) within 48 hours, regardless of whether immediate intervention has been deemed necessary, they should automatically seek support from Lloyd’s Agency Team in London.

On appointment:

Lloyd’s Agent and Insurer and/or Instructing Party (the party responsible for paying for the services provided by the Lloyd’s Agent) to agree the terms and conditions under which the instruction is accepted.

Lloyd’s Agent to advise the Insurer and/or Instructing Party the name and contact details of the surveyor who will manage the instruction.

Where possible/appropriate the Lloyd’s Agent to provide an estimated budget for survey (and any expert costs) which should reflect the proposed work plan and strategy for handling the potential claim.

Following appointment:

Within 24 hours of acceptance of appointment, the Lloyd’s Agent is to contact appropriate parties to agree the time and place of survey and inform the claimant and/or instructing party in writing of the information and documentation that will be required to undertake survey.

Within 48 hours undertake survey unless otherwise agreed and/or unless an actual survey is not considered appropriate.

Following survey:

Within 24 hours of (initial) survey, the Lloyd’s Agent shall provide the Insurer and/or Instructing Party with an initial summary advice.

Within 48 hours of survey, the Lloyd’s Agent shall submit a written request for any further documents or information needed to complete the survey report.

Within 72 hours of survey, the Lloyd’s Agent shall provide the Insurer and/or Instructing Party a preliminary advice / status report which should include (where possible) the facts surrounding the loss, actions taken/to be taken and a first indication of the extent of the loss.

Where the matter is complex and/or is expected to take a considerable amount of time to resolve the Lloyd’s Agent is to provide the Insurer and/or Instructing Party with periodic interim reports (at agreed or reasonable intervals) with updates on the claim status. The interim report(s) are to include comments on the quantification of the claim / progress of repairs, confirmation of the reserve and information on when the next substantive development is likely to occur. Each interim report should also confirm any changes in the estimated budget for survey.

The final report should be issued as soon as possible when investigations are completed and no later than seven days after completion of quantification of the claim and/or on receipt of all supporting documents.

The Lloyd’s Agent is to acknowledge receipt of any communication within 24 hours and respond, where possible, to any query/update request within three days. If this is not possible, the Insurer and/or Instructing Party and/or Claimant should be notified as to why this is not possible and be provided with an estimated time for response.

Any need to vary the above reporting requirements should be notified to and agreed with the Insurer and/or Instructing Party.

Contents of preliminary advice / survey report:

We ask Lloyd's Agents to include the following elements in their final reports:

  • a full account of the circumstances including facts on nature and causation of the loss
  • the date and place of loss
  • an estimate of the claim / cost of repairs to establish a loss reserve
  • final claim calculation
  • details of the proposed repairs
  • an outline of any subrogation opportunities

These are general guidelines. Each case will have its own specific requirements; however, the Lloyd’s Agent is expected to always act with due consideration and professionalism and keep the instructing Insurer and/or Instructing Party appropriately informed at all times.