Innovation and expanding access are transforming the role of technology in society, and insurance has a key role to play in enabling effective risk management.

Discover the impact of a major cloud outage on the US economy

Cyber exposure decoded. Introducing two scenarios to help insurers quantify cyber-risk aggregation

Lloyd’s new report - Drones Take Flight: Key issues for insurance - looks at the challenges around the development of insurance solutions for drones.

'Drones take flight' report  

This report presents two expert contributions which investigate the key risk factors for the insurance of Bitcoin operations.

Bitcoin report  

Existing autonomous and unmanned technology is sophisticated and will continue to develop incrementally. This report looks at two major categories of autonomous and unmanned vehicles: autonomous cars and unmanned aerial systems (UAS).

Autonomous vehicles  

The cost of dealing with wrecks is rising. We have published a new report which warns that the cost of dealing with shipwrecks is spiralling and the increase in removal cost is often passed to insurers, reinsurers and ship owners.

Wreck removal report  

The report was produced by Lloyd’s Performance Management in co-operation with two leading industry experts: Andrew Rees and David Sharp. It provides an overview of drilling processes and techniques in extreme environments, such as deepwater and the Arctic.

Drilling in extreme environments  

Produced by Lloyd's and HP labs, this report suggests that companies are facing a wide range of sophisticated attacks. The report also highlights a number of technological trends that will further expose business to digital risks.

360 Digital Risk Report  

The report considers recent research into whether exposure to electromagnetic fields from mobile phones can cause health problems and the impact this could have on the insurance industry.


This report investigates some of the trends and emerging risks posed by the revolution in digital and communications technology with the aim of raising the profile of these risks within the insurance industry and amongst risk managers in affected businesses. The information and views contained within this report are the result of consultation with knowledgeable industry figures and academics.




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