Developing the next generation of insurance professionals

Lloyd’s Community Programme is excited to bring our summer placement programme to life in this short film which showcases how we are developing a pipeline of diverse talent for the insurance sector.

Delivered in partnership with The Brokerage, a social mobility charity that aims to help young people achieve their career potential, the summer placement programme gives state educated, bright, ambitious 18-year-olds from across London paid work placements in the Lloyd’s market.

In 2018, 20 market companies hosted 68 young people, allowing them to gain valuable business experience of the varied and exciting careers in the Lloyd’s market.

Watch our film to find out more about the programme and the benefits it brings to the market, to companies and to young people.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, summer placements are delivered as part of a market wide volunteering initiative - Lloyd’s Community Programme, which aims to support young people build their employability skills, knowledge of the insurance sector and take their first step into work. 212 talented young people have completed summer placements in the market since the initiative was started, resulting in more young people achieving places at universities and securing permanent jobs in the market.

The aim is to introduce a diverse talent pool of keen, bright, young Londoners to the market, feeding into the market’s talent priority and helping to attract and retain a diverse workforce that brings innovation and fresh ideas to the world of insurance.

Feeling inspired?
If your company wants to get involved this year, you can find out more about Lloyd’s Community Programme here or contact for an initial conversation.




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