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Terrorism in Asia - what does it mean for business?

This report focuses on the risk of terrorism in Southeast Asia and what businesses can do to respond

02 Feb 2008

It is important that organisations adopt security as part of their corporate culture. For instance, investment decisions and employment policies can mitigate any threats to your business. Although the probability of a direct terrorist strike is low, risk managers should still be aware of the threat they face and ensure they engage in careful forward planning.

Research has shown that businesses are spending more time discussing terrorism at the board level. This report written in cooperation with the International Institute of Strategic Studies focuses on the risk of terrorism and what action businesses can take to mitigate these risks. The report focuses on South East Asia, a region of growing economic importance and one not unfamiliar with the deadly impact of terrorism.

Terrorism in southeast Asia can vary from local insurgencies with Islamist tendencies to anti-western groups. Terrorism in this region therefore presents different threats to different businesses.