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Squaring risk in the sharing age

A study on how the collaborative economy is reshaping insurance products

The sharing economy has grown exponentially, fundamentally changing the business landscape. With approximately 500 million people sharing assets or services across six key markets, and close to 680 million people making use of them, Lloyd’s and Deloitte partnered to systematically analyze the sharing economy with the aim of understanding where insurance can support growth and opportunity in this booming sector.

The study highlights that while currently a number of platforms have mechanisms to protect users, ranging from transaction-embedded insurance to guarantee schemes, insurers must think beyond traditional products and services in order to effectively meet the needs of the shared economy.

Email us to request a copy of the private report (Exclusively for managing agents that are part of the Lloyd’s market)

A Lloyd's Emerging Risk Report

In addition to publishing a public report highlighting potential opportunities for insurers and shared platforms to partner in creating fit-for-purpose risk transfer solutions, Lloyd’s and Deloitte have produced a private report for managing agents and syndicates in the Lloyd’s market which contains a deeper analysis of the sharing economy sectors and sub-sectors.