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Innovative finance for resilient infrastructure

Preliminary findings on developing new products that combine incentives for resilience with risk transfer

21 Oct 2018

An Innovation report from Lloyd’s and Centre for Global Disaster Protection

The 2017 hurricane season illustrated the tremendous human and economic cost of natural disasters. Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria demonstrated the devastating impacts that extreme weather can cause on the lives and livelihoods of vulnerable people, and the disruption it can cause to critical economic and social sectors.

21 Oct 2018


More can be done to strengthen resilience and speed-up recovery from disasters, and the Centre for Global Disaster Protection, in partnership with Lloyd’s of London, convened experts from across the financial services, development, humanitarian and engineering communities to catalyse new thinking on how innovative financial instruments can help respond to the global resilience challenge.

The Innovation Lab brought together experts from the public and private sector, in an open format, to generate and incubate new solutions to meet identified problems. The first Lab of the Centre was held in January 2018 to investigate financial products and structures that incentivize risk reduction and resilient rebuilding by bringing together elements of project financing and risk transfer.

Four broad ideas emerged from the Innovation Lab. These range from ideas that have already been developed but which can be re-purposed for these challenges which could be brought to market relatively quickly, through to ideas that, although further from current practice, hold significant potential. These ideas will be developed further in the coming months and a full report will follow in the summer.

For more information on how to engage in the process, please contact:

Trevor Maynard

Head of Innovation at Lloyd's