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Cyber risk in aviation

30 Mar 2021

Identifying and managing cyber risks

This Lloyd’s-led project identifies the main cyber risks and threat actors faced by the commercial aviation industry and translates these into an insurance-relevant context for Cyber and Aviation markets. 

The study, which comprises two modules, was commissioned by Lloyd's Research, Pricing & Portfolio Management team in collaboration with the Lloyd's Market Association (LMA), Lloyd's market underwriters and relevant technical specialists. 

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Cyber risk in aviation - Module 1

Module 1 consists of the identification of cyber risks through an intelligence-based study of current and future threat actors affecting the sector.


Cyber risk in aviation - Module 2

Module 2 consists of the translation of these risks into a set of scenarios that can be used as supporting material for Managing Agents, in their efforts to identify, quantify and manage cyber risk exposures in the aviation sector.


Cyber risk at Lloyd’s

We bring together the expertise to deliver creative cyber risk solutions today for a more resilient tomorrow.