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Virtual Room: extended to all classes of business for those located in the UK

Wednesday 27 January 2021

The temporary closure of the Underwriting Room earlier this year created opportunities to accelerate our digital capabilities. This included the launch of the Virtual Room, which has enabled brokers and underwriters in the US Property class of business to connect online since its launch in September. 

Development continues in early 2021 with the introduction of new features developed following feedback from around 140 current users, including the ability to book and manage meetings within the Virtual Room syncing with users’ own calendars to show an individuals’ availability within the Virtual Room automatically. We will also launch voice and video calling capabilities in the near future, so that all communications can be accommodated within the Virtual Room platform. Given the success to date and the upcoming improvements to the user experience, we are extending access to include all classes of business for those located in the UK. 

More information about the Virtual Room, including Frequently Asked Questions and how you can sign up to our Terms & Conditions is available on a new webpage on the Virtual Room. For further queries and to arrange a demo, please contact