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Our journey to a digital marketplace: the second edition of our Blueprint Two Interactive Guide published today

28 Jan 2022

Lloyd’s, the world’s leading marketplace for commercial, corporate and speciality risk solutions, has today published the second edition of the Blueprint Two Interactive Guide and roadmap, designed to inform the planning and implementation of the digital solutions that will transform our market, making it better, faster and cheaper for all market participants. Launching the guide represents a key milestone in the Future at Lloyd’s programme, following the signing of the DXC contract announced earlier this month.

The roadmap runs from Q1 2022 through to Q2 2024 and details when the solutions and changes will be delivered, the action the market needs to take to prepare for them, and Lloyd’s plans to provide support through the digital transition.

It includes:

  • An overview of the key areas of focus and action required
  • A deep dive into the solutions and end-to-end journeys for open market placement, delegated authority placement and claims
  • Our Blueprint Two roadmap, from 2022 to 2024, highlighting key milestones and actions to support organisational planning and implementation
  • Perspectives from trusted voices in the market
  • Useful information including a list of our engagement forums and advisory groups
“2022 is an important year of change for our market, so it’s vital that organisations begin preparing to adopt the solutions; the success of our market depends on it. Our hope is that this detail allows everyone to prepare the ground within your own business to be ready as the solutions are rolled out, inspiring confidence in the significant change we’re delivering through Blueprint Two.”
John Neal, Lloyd’s CEO

The guide has been developed following extensive feedback and input from market leaders. It will form the cornerstone for ongoing conversations on the solutions being developed, the timelines for delivery and how to prepare for them. We will also be holding interactive market-wide webinars in the coming weeks, aimed at giving market participants an opportunity to ask any questions they may have on the guide and roadmap. Further details will follow on our website and in our regular communications. Please send any questions to

You can download the second edition of the Blueprint Two Interactive Guide below.