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LMG Data Council’s Process, Roles and Responsibilities (PRR) consultation opening 2 February

17 January 2023

The Process, Roles and Responsibilities Working Group (PRR WG) was created to establish who will do what (and at what stage) during the target-state digital placement process. It was created to give more clarity to those involved in the process, as well as to give guidance to solution providers on what to build and cater for.

Following the near completion of the Core Data Record (CDR), the London Market Group’s (LMG) Data Council has put together some suggested recommendations for what the new processes, roles and responsibilities could look like within the target-state data/digital journey. These recommendations have been put together based on input from brokers, carriers, market associations, ACORD and PPL.

The LMG Data Council is now running a consultation process to sense check the recommendations against the business outcomes required by the market, as well as understand if the processes will address previously identified pain points and opportunities for increased operating effectiveness and efficiency.

When will the consultation be open?

The consultation will run 2 February until 3 March. 

How can I give my feedback?

One named point of contact per entity should submit their feedback on behalf of their organisation. This may be the Blueprint Two champion or their nominated individual.

You will be able to read more and review the materials on the LMG consultation site from 2 February.

Who should respond?

All market participants are encouraged to provide their input, and we encourage feedback from all relevant functions within the organisation.

What are the outcomes?

Post-consultation analysis will be completed and the results published in the second half of April 2023.

These proposed recommendations are intended to support the market in the implementation of Blueprint Two’s digital solutions.

How can my organisation get support?

Join one of the PRR webinars, hosted by the LMG, Future at Lloyd’s programme team and market associations. More details will follow.

Specific questions can also be directed to: