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Lloyd’s reopens its historic Underwriting Room

21 Sep 2023

On Tuesday 19 September, Lloyd’s held a market event to celebrate the reopening of our historic Underwriting Room, following a period of renewal over the summer. Over 100 market executives and directors were in attendance, as well as Council Members and market association members. Chairman Bruce Carnegie-Brown delivered a speech on the marble floor, commending the collaborative efforts of the market and Corporation in making the Project Together renewal a reality, while offering some food for thought on the challenges facing the City and the London insurance market. 

'Lloyd's has always provided a place for brokers and underwriters to convene and collaborate to underwrite the world's risks. In this new chapter for the Underwriting Room, we have not lost sight of our historical roots or our place in time and space. This is merely the next iteration of our market's journey to underwrite the world's risks. This space, the way we work, represents a handshake between the time-tested models of the past and the brave possibilities of the future; a thoughtful integration of old and new to blend digital transactions with human interactions; artificial intelligence with emotional intelligence; and machine learning with learned experience.’
Bruce Carnegie Brown, Lloyd's Chairman