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Lloyd’s Lab hosts Cohort 11 Demo Day

08 Dec 2023

On Wednesday 6 December, Lloyd’s Lab hosted its Cohort 11 Demo Day, marking the end point of the Lloyd’s Lab ten-week accelerator programme. Demo Day is a much-anticipated opportunity for the InsurTechs within each cohort to demonstrate what they developed during their time on the programme to the market.

Hosted by Rosie Denée Senior Manager, Lloyd’s Lab, over 500 market executives, InsurTechs and key industry figures joined to hear the Cohort 11 teams talk about their innovative insurance solutions designed to mitigate the biggest risks faced by businesses and communities today and tomorrow.

Following the success of the first regional cohort theme in Cohort 10, the Lab continued this regional focus, with ‘Asia-Pacific Climate Risk, Cyber and Sustainability’ as a key theme for Cohort 11. The second regional themed cohort demonstrates Lloyd’s global vision for the Lab and for the market, made possible through strong collaboration with respective Asia-Pacific colleagues.

The Asia-Pacific region contributes 11% of Lloyd’s global premium and remains a diverse market for insurers, being home to nearly one third of the global population. With certain regions particularly vulnerable to climate-related risks Cohort 11 teams were able to develop innovative insurance solutions targeted at specific areas.

Rounding off each Lloyd’s Lab Accelerator programme, Demo Day provides an opportunity for the market to hear first-hand accounts of each company’s product development and progress throughout the programme and how they plan to build on the knowledge and experience gained from Lloyd’s and market mentors.  

This year, attendees were presented with insightful solutions ranging from protecting against associated costs of cyber-attacks, to providing solution monitoring for global flood risk, and developing wildfire intelligence to save lives.

“We’re thrilled to conclude our eleventh Accelerator cohort with another successful Demo Day, showcasing the development of innovative solutions for the market. We are continuing to grow the reach of the Lloyd’s Lab with the continuation of a regional focus, resulting in a global spread of InsurTechs within our Cohort 11 teams. Continuing the positive momentum of cohort 11’s successes, we are excited to launch our twelfth cohort focused on the Americas region – focussing on building resilience in a rapidly changing market.”
Rosie Denée, Lloyd’s Lab Senior Manager

Lloyd’s Lab Cohort 11

Suyana has partnered with Benchmark Labs to create a hybrid-parametric flooding & hurricane insurance product.

Mitigrate's automated flood loss prevention software empowers insurers and policyholders to take proactive measures to prevent claims, safeguarding properties from potential flood damage and keeping your head above water.

Cyntegra’s patented technology reduces losses from ransomware and destructive malware attacks. We enable organisations to recover processes and operations in minutes not days or weeks, with no ransom payments.

RedZone minimizes wildfire impact and saves companies' money through the industry's broadest range of specialized wildfire-related products and services.

AQUINSURE is an aquaculture risk management solution provider which helps insurers and banks to identify, monitor and analyse risks of biological asset with sonars, sensors and IoT system.

Floodbase is a data provider and reporting agent that partners with re/insurers to profitably design, underwrite, and monitor parametric flood products.

CLIMATIG is climate risk tool which helps insurers and underwriters to identify, measure, and mitigate climate change physical risks for any asset or portfolio in resolution up to 10 meters.

Loro’s platform enables insurers or MGAs to quickly create, customize, and deploy specialty insurance products without any upfront investment.

MetaRisk is an innovative risk financing firm specializing in digital assets and Web3, bridging the gap between Web3 and insurance while leveraging blockchain technology to enhance operational efficiency, financial openness, and inclusivity.

Renew Risk provides risk modelling software for renewable energy assets. Renew Risk's deep data science-driven risk models enable (re)insurers to undertake comprehensive catastrophe risk assessment sand confidently underwrite risks in new regions throughout all phases.

Protos Labs is a cyber insurtech accoladed by Singapore’s Cybersecurity Regulator. Their solution provides cyber insurers with inside-out data for underwriting and provides end-users with early warning detection of threats.

Vayuh is building the Bloomberg terminal for Climate, including more accurate AI-based Hail and Hurricane prediction models. Their current customers use Vayuh’s more accurate weather forecasts for commodities trading.