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Be part of the Future at Lloyd’s

Very few people genuinely get the chance to be part of a once-in-a-generation programme that will truly transform their sector.

08 December 2020

We’ve now launched our campaign to recruit new talent into the Future at Lloyd’s delivery team via our website with promotional support across social and digital channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn.

The key theme of the campaign centres on the idea that: “The Future at Lloyd's is where we seize the moment, where we create and realise opportunities. We want to recruit the right people to help us deliver our vision for tomorrow.”

While we want, and encourage, Lloyd’s colleagues and market employees to apply for these roles, we’re also seeking external hires who aren’t necessarily experts in insurance but offer us the new capabilities and fresh ideas we’ll need. We have a wide range of opportunities, and we are particularly looking for people from the following communities:

  • Digital Product Owners (Managers/Leads)
  • Digital Design (UX/UI/Service/Systems)
  • Digital Engineers / Architects
  • Business Transformation (PMO/Agile Delivery/Digital Project Managers)
  • Data (Analytics/Researchers/Architecture)

How you can help

Please share Lloyd’s posts on these roles on LinkedIn and Twitter with your networks to build awareness and attract the best candidates available to us. Over the next few months we will be sharing posts to publicise these roles - you can see our first ones on LinkedIn and Twitter. You don’t need to comment, simply ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ – the channel will do the work and by sharing the post, your contacts will see our campaign.