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Claims: Creating a robust future end to end Journey

Paul Brady

September 2020

Claims research to date

Research continues to inform every aspect of how we think about and design for the Future at Lloyd’s claims journey. Our commitment to research keeps us close to the challenges and needs of our market, while enabling the real-time insights that help us develop truly relevant solutions.

Last year, as part of our initial consultation for Blueprint One, we carried out thorough research that involved interviews with over 650 claims professionals. This produced extensive feedback sourced from claims leaders and experts throughout the market, and has enabled us to take a big leap forward in how we strategically design the future state of claims.

During the consultation, key Future at Lloyd’s stakeholders also called out some specific requests relating to the future end to end claims experience. These included:

For our customers:

  • Faster claims payment following loss events
  • Greater visibility of the status of their claim
  • Potentially lower premiums as a result of reduced claims operational costs

For Brokers / Coverholders:

  • Reduced costs of claims processing
  • Improved customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased capacity to perform value-add tasks for customers

For Insurers:

  • Higher transparency to support better customer service
  • Reduced operational costs and greater performance insight through improved data and analytics
  • Greater focus on high-value complex claims enabled by the automation of simple claims

What are we doing now?

Since the fundamental requirements for a claims digital platform were established out of our consultation on Blueprint One, we’ve made significant progress with the below principles in mind:

  • Greater transparency at every step of the customer journey
  • Removal of unnecessary duplication and operational inefficiencies
  • Streamlining the process, from first notification of loss through to final settlement and closure
  • A claims process with the customer at the heart of the approach

With an iterative approach to design, we’re able to test and learn with the market before landing on a finished product. Our ideal solution will be underpinned by technology and data for the market’s continued success and long-term growth opportunities.

With the advent of Covid-19 and as corresponding socio-economic global shifts continue to emerge, our ways of working will also adapt and evolve. To stay ahead and relevant as our needs and behaviours change, stakeholder input will be the key to the success of the Future at Lloyd’s for claims. This collaboration will create the perfect environment to design and build a cutting-edge claims solution with our customers at the heart of the design.

"To stay ahead and relevant as our needs and behaviours change, stakeholder input will be the key to the success of the Future at Lloyd’s for claims."

What’s on the horizon?

The next stage of research and testing is going to underpin key next steps for the upcoming launch of Future at Lloyd’s Blueprint Two. It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with our stakeholders, allowing us to sense check our findings and ideas. Are there now more pressing needs to address?

There has never been a more important time to share your views as we enter this next key phase of transformation.

Who do we want to hear from?

We want to offer all our stakeholders an opportunity to feedback on the ideas developed so far. This is to validate and refine features of the proposed future state claims design, making sure our priorities align with the needs of the marketplace. From claims adjusters to brokers, as well as all levels across the globe, everyone is welcome and valuable to the feedback process.

How do I get involved?

We will be gathering feedback throughout September via three different channels.

The first method will be in the form of live interactive group Remesh sessions, a platform that allows digital conversations, gives you the tools to like others’ comments and suggestions, as well as answer real time Q & A’s (always with the option of remaining anonymous).

Second, we’ll be hosting 1:1 targeted interviews to gain a deeper level of knowledge from core areas of the business.

Lastly, a survey will be sent in September to ensure that those who aren’t involved in the in-person sessions can have their say.

Stay in the loop about all Future at Lloyd’s research by registering your interest: Sign up to our research panel

Or email us at if you would like to be included in the research sessions or 1-2-1 interviews.