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Aerial view of a road system

Driving into the future

Oxbotica's Blanc Robot™, a Lloyd’s insured autonomous vehicle, was on display at One Lime Street today

Oxbotica's Blanc Robot autonomous vehicle

Oxbotica's Blanc Robot™ autonomous vehicle

Insurance is the key

In 2022 three of Lloyd’s syndicates, Apollo Ibott 1971, Marsh and Aioi Nissay Dowa Europe provided a ground-breaking insurance solution for the first European on-road journey of the zero-occupancy autonomous vehicle: Oxbotica.

Oxbotica has the potential to revolutionise the way we move around our cities, leading the way in autonomous mobility.

A key part of making this potential a reality is insurance. 

The insurance solution provided by the syndicates based in our market have enabled the continuation of the trials which are allowing Oxbotica to develop the technologies which will power the transition to a zero-carbon economy.

Together for a more sustainable future

See how we're bringing a more sustainable future closer.

Charlotte Pengilly - Business Graduate Trainee, Lloyd's

28 Feb 2023