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Lloyd's colleagues in the Lloyd's building

Getting an internship is no easy feat, especially as a first year

Edna Bannor

My seven-week internship on the Global Community Engagement team at Lloyd’s

My interaction with Lloyd’s first began when I was awarded the Lloyd’s University Bursary in 2021. The bursary programme allows students from under-privileged backgrounds in London to study outside the capital city for university with financial support for three years. This has been incredibly beneficial for me; I am able to focus on my studies at Kent University during term time and use my summers to gain experience.

As a charity partner, SEO London advertises internship opportunities to their candidates, including Bursary recipients, at Lloyd’s and within the Lloyd’s Market.

I am incredibly thankful to have such opportunities from Lloyd’s – the student bursary, as well as a seven-week internship in the Global Community Engagement team.

The GCE team handles Lloyd’s charitable projects and funds. I have been supporting the team with events, as well as producing internal and external communications for corporate volunteering stories.

I have gone through an incredible journey throughout this internship. I learned first-hand what the GCE team does on a day-to-day basis. With the Lloyd’s Foundation being launched yesterday, I feel I have arrived at the turning point of Lloyd’s charitable projects.

What surprised me about my internship was its flexibility. I came in with a general idea of what I would be involved in and thought I would only stay within my remit. In my initial two weeks, I supported the team with writing summaries of charity partners and respective beneficiaries as well as case studies to prepare for the Lloyd’s Foundation launch. Alongside these, I took on additional opportunities when they came my way as time progressed.

Edna with the Global Community Engagement team in the Lloyd's building
Edna with the Global Community Engagement team in the Lloyd's building
Edna with the Global Community Engagement team at Lloyd's
Edna with the Global Community Engagement team at Lloyd's

My internship highlights include

  • Having a historical tour of Lloyd’s with Corporate Archivist Victoria Lane
  • Helping to write a speech for the CFC Summit 2022 with our Speech Writer Ben Rogers
  • Supporting the GCE team and SEO London with the ‘Step Into Insurance’ event at the beginning of August

No internship would be complete without networking with people and my network has grown massively from my internship, as well as helping me to grow within my short time here. Meeting with a variety of people (apprentices, graduates and industry professionals) made me realise there is no one set way to get into the insurance industry. It is growing to become an inclusive industry that does not expect years of experience or expertise, but a willingness to learn.

Before I began the internship, I came in with a good understanding of insurance from attending previous insight days and completing work experience in insurance. I assumed the main insurance roles were in actuary, claims and underwriting. Whilst this is still true, I did not realise how interconnected insurance was to the environment, geopolitics and sustainability – all areas of interest that are relevant to my Politics degree. It's great to know that there is more to insurance beyond numbers and finance!

My time as a Lloyd’s summer intern has come and gone sooner than I expected. I will definitely miss the GCE team and aim to stay in touch. As my second year of university is approaching, I am confident in starting the new academic year knowing I am one step closer to my desired career field.

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Edna Bannor - Global Community Engagement Intern, Lloyd’s

25 Aug 2022