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Farmer walks through greenhouse

Markets charity week

Patrick Tiernan

Last week the Markets team set out to fundraise for some of the amazing causes and charities that our colleagues have supported all around the world

The charity week was organised so the Markets team could support Lloyd’s charities (and some personal causes too) across the Americas, APMEA, Europe and the UK, and at the same time get to know each other as a global team, particularly with so many new faces joining throughout the last two years.

There was a huge range and diversity of activity to support charities from across the whole global markets network – showing that, at its core, the insurance community and insurance itself has a social purpose; we help to build resilience, to get people and communities back on their feet after a minor disaster or a major catastrophe, and not from a distance, but in a tangible, hands-on way.

I would like to thank everyone who helped organise the event and got involved with the charity week and look forward to this being a tradition we look to repeat in future years. 

Brazil charity day


Rafaela Barreda: “Our colleagues from Lloyd's Brazil, spent an afternoon playing games, singing, and storytelling with local kids. The outreach was done in partnership with a special charity called Mãos (hands). And the best part? The team self funded the initiative and also donated books for the children's library. Well done everyone!”

Canada charity day

Marc Lipman: “Lloyd’s Canada was proud to be supporting the Daily Bread food bank - we packaged 4 tonnes of food for our local Toronto community – thanks to the team and honorary team member Paul Brady(!) for getting stuck in and supporting such an amazing cause!”

Singapore charity day


Suganthy Selva: “We held a session with our charity partner in the region, PeopleStories - a purpose driven charity that empowers underprivileged children in rural Cambodia with access to quality education. PeopleStories, CEO & Founder, Victoria Miloschewsky, joined us live from Phum Ou primary school in Cambodia along with the wonderful students and teachers from that school.

We started off with an amazing Cambodian traditional dance by some of the students followed by an overview of PeopleStories and our partnership with them, and finally a fun quiz section that really tested our knowledge on general topics, Cambodia and even Lloyd’s! The students did incredibly well and beat us!”

South Africa charity day

Shevani Sookdeo: "The Lloyd’s South Africa team were excited to assist the Rise Against Hunger team on the ground, planting spinach seeds, seedlings and harvesting the kale crop (which was planted on a recent site visit with Amit Khilosia and Emma Loynes).

Once the team had finished planting and harvesting, the kale crop was weighed and amounted to 60kg - good sowing Amit and Emma! The crop was then divided between 10 Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDs) and the team had the privilege of delivering 6kg of kale to a nearby ECD called La Mmatau. Lloyd’s South Africa is proud to be a partner of RAH and their quest to eradicate child hunger in Africa."

Charity walkers


Benoit Waltregny: “In Brussels we were fundraising for YouthStart, a charity that aims to give under-represented young people career opportunities and training. We organised two walking activities so that anyone could participate and so that we could also explore Brussels and some of the green space too (despite the risk of rain!). The team have already asked about organising another fundraising event and we’re looking forward to confirming the fundraising amount with YouthStart as well.”

Natalja Danilovic: “In addition to the walking / fundraising we also raised money for the Belgian Red Cross in order to demonstrate our support of the people of Ukraine with a bake sale of honey biscuits – they also helped provide much needed energy for all that walking!”

Chatham charity day


Jenny Laverty - Chatham: ‘’The Complaints team decided to support The Aspinall Foundation by volunteering at Howletts Wild Animal Park in Canterbury for the Global Charity Day. Howletts is committed the conservation, breeding and reintroduction of rare and endangered animals to their natural habitats and will shortly be rehoming their herd of elephants to a reserve in Kenya so it was good to be able to see them one last time. They are also home to 2 species that are extinct in the wild, 8 critically endangered species and 12 endangered species.

All volunteers really enjoyed the experience of carrying out maintenance tasks within the park as well as collecting and preparing Willow leaves to be frozen to feed the Javan Langurs during the winter, they are picky eaters who love fresh leaves. Because of this inconvenient diet, not many zoos keep them so we were privileged not only to see them but to help feed them. We learnt a lot about the animals in the park and the conservation activities being carried out. The team are going to sponsor a Langur and will be arranging future volunteering days at Howletts.’’

Lime Street charity day

Stuart Spink - Lime Street: “The Lloyd’s London team made it to Victoria Park despite the rain and tube strikes to help the park repair the local playground. We switched the laptop, phones and iPads for racks, shovels and wheelbarrows to fix up a number of different areas, pathways and improve the site for the local community. It’s great to have all the Markets’ teams working together for the local community.”

The Market Engagement also team created a delicious tuck shop in the Lloyd's building, with sweet treats aplenty in return for charitable donations, raising an incredible £1350 for the Brain Tumour Charity. Including the matched funding from Lloyd's, this would cover the cost of 10 days of world-class medical research into brain tumours. 

Global charity partner

We were delighted to welcome our global charity partner Mercy Corps to join Amit Khilosia, Regional Head, Africa, to give a lunch time learning session on the Greening Agriculture project, a brilliant sustainable farming project we support in Zimbabwe that supports 100 women and youth farmers to build renewable energy solutions in pork farming to access water through solar energy, improve their business skills and boost revenue streams.

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All of our charitable activities and community involvement supports Lloyd's core values - to promote economic growth and underwrite human progress. 

Find out more about our global community engagement.

Patrick Tiernan - Chief of Markets, Lloyd's

16 Jun 2022