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New Complaints Notices for Ireland, Norway and Sweden

New Complaints Notices have been published in line with the pilot exercise on complaints handling in Ireland, Norway and Sweden, as outlined in Market Bulletin Y4896 dated 7 May 2015.

Thu 25 Jun 2015

The new Complaints Notices, as outlined in Market Bulletin Y4896, are to be given to insureds prior to inception and included in policy documents with effect from 1 July 2015. They are available on the Lloyd’s Wordings Repository. As the pilot exercise applies to all complaints received from the above territories, the Complaints Notices should be used for all policies, regardless of whether the insured or other potential complainant is a consumer.

The new Complaints Notices are as follows:

  • Ireland – LSW1836A replaces LSW1836.
  • Norway – LSW1852A replaces LSW1852 and is available in English or Norwegian.
  • Sweden – LSW1854 is available in English or Swedish.

Further details


Please refer to the Pre-Contractual Information and Complaints sections of Crystal for the relevant country.