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Crystal and Risk Locator Tool training sessions

The Risk Locator Tool and Crystal have been developed to assist Lloyd’s market participants to determine the legal ‘location(s) of risk’ and to provide quick and easy access to international regulatory and taxation requirements.

Thu 18 Aug 2016

The Lloyd’s International Trading Advice (LITA) team can support compliance functions around the market by delivering Risk Locator Tool / Crystal demonstrations for compliance personnel, underwriters and Lloyd’s brokers.

Participants can expect to gain a greater understanding of the benefits of using the tools and how it will assist them in writing / placing compliant business.

The sessions take approximately 45 mins to an hour and may take place ‘in-house’ with small or large audiences. Alternatively, we are happy to host these in the Lloyd’s building on Gallery 11, but these sessions will be limited to 10 people per session. Training can also be arranged for individual underwriters at their underwriting box or at the LITA Desk. In addition we are able to run training sessions remotely for overseas market participants using Webex.

In recent months we have successfully run a number of training sessions with various Lloyd’s market participants and have received very positive feedback from the attendees on its usefulness.

Please contact LITA if you wish to discuss in more detail or book a session.

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