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EEA: Notification Of Fourth EU Motor Directive Claims Representatives

Details of the motor information centre in each EEA member state and Switzerland have been added to Crystal.

To comply with the Fourth EU Motor Directive, managing agents writing motor third party liability risks (Class 10) located in the EEA (including the UK) or Switzerland are required to:

  • appoint a claims representative in each EEA member state (excluding the UK) and Switzerland; and,
  • notify the UK Information Centre at the UK Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB) of the names and contact details of the claims representatives that it has appointed; and,
  • notify each information centre in all other EEA member states and Switzerland of its appointed claims representative in that territory.

An explanation of this requirement is in Market Bulletin Y4640 dated 30 November 2012.

The contact details of the motor information centre in each EEA member state have recently been added to Crystal to assist managing agents with the above. When managing agents provide details of their claims representative to an information centre outside the UK, it must be made clear that the managing agent is a member of the Motor Insurers’ Bureau in the UK and that the claims representative will act on behalf of the managing agent and not on behalf of all Lloyd’s underwriters. This will assist in avoiding misunderstandings about by whom the claims representative has been appointed and on whose behalf it will act.

For details please refer to the Motor sub-section under the Class specific regulations section of Crystal for each EEA member state.