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Rethinking semiconductor supply chains

Semiconductors are the chips that enable the digital world. They're in our vehicles, electronic devices, medical technology and even power the clean energy solutions being used to enable a sustainable future, like solar or wind farms. To put their prominence into perspective, one modern electric vehicle alone can contain up to 8,000 semiconductors, comparatively, a car from the 1970’s contained no more than ten. 

The second report in our ‘Rethinking supply chains’ series highlights the supply chain challenges currently faced by the semiconductor industry and makes recommendations as to how the insurance industry can more effectively collaborate with semiconductor firms to drive forward product innovation and better support the industry. 

Behind this report are the surveys and interviews over 140 semiconductor companies and risk professionals from across the insurance industry. These perspectives have provided real-life, practical insights into the challenges that companies are facing now, and what they expect to face in the future.  

We’ve broken the report into three sections, so you can easily find the content most relevant to you. Part one, is our executive summary, part two, is a detailed look into the semiconductor industry and part three, spotlights existing supply chain insurance solutions and shares recommendations to address current and future needs more effectively.  

Download part one: the executive summary

The semiconductor industry is an example of what a resilient, digitalised supply chain could look like in a connected world – with data and tailored insurance solutions used to supplement businesses’ retained risk. But how can we get there?

Download part two: the semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry is estimated to have a market value of nearly $600bn and supports a $2.2trn electronics sector that in turn drives almost $90trn of global GDP. It’s value chain spans several critical segments, from upstream research and development through to downstream fabrication, assembly, testing and packaging.

Download part three: insurance innovation opportunities

The semiconductor industry is considered to have a good level of risk maturity, yet the insurance of supply chains, whether it’s end-to-end cover or protection against a specific part of a chain, remains hugely complex.  

In part three of our report, we address this issue and explore the opportunity of working more collaboratively with an industry which is an example of what a resilient, digitalised supply chain might look like in a connected world.  

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Rethinking semiconductor supply chains: Through a European lens

Download our European insights.

Lloyd’s Futureset and WTW’s ‘Rethinking supply chains series’ 

Businesses have always relied on supply chains to get their products and services from concept, to manufacturing and finally into their customers hands. But in the last six decades – the era of globalisation – supply chains have grown in size, volume and complexity and in tandem their associated risks have also increased. 

Our rethinking supply chain series, developed in collaboration with global broker WTW addresses the changing risk landscape of three core global industries – food and drink, semiconductors and transport and logistics – and provides recommendation as to how the insurance industry could support with their current and future risk transfer needs. 

See all reports in the series.

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