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Consumer Alert regarding Heritage Property

Fri 07 Jul 2017

Lloyd’s has become aware that a business known as “Heritage Developments” and also purportedly known as “Heritage Property”, has apparently disseminated documents which falsely represent that their clients are protected by insurance coverage at Lloyd’s. Lloyd’s has identified that investors in “Heritage Property” of 50 Grosvenor Hill, Mayfair, London, W1K 3QT, and/or “The Heritage Development 2017 Fund” have been advised that their funds are protected via coverage through “Lloyds of London Limited”.

Any parties relying on the above representations should be aware that no such coverage with underwriters at Lloyd’s exists. Lloyd’s does not operate under the name of “Lloyds of London Limited” and the alleged coverage in question, a form of investment coverage, is not underwritten at Lloyd’s.

The “Verification of Insurance” names the insured as follows: “Heritage Developments is a trading name of Heritage Square Limited company number 08364250”. Heritage Square Limited has notified us that it does not trade, and never has traded, as Heritage Developments and the company and its directors have no connection with or knowledge of Heritage Developments, Heritage Property Fund or any of their associated parties. They have asked that any parties receiving documents mentioning Heritage Square in connection with this matter be brought to their attention via the following email address: Anyone relying on this alleged coverage should take appropriate steps to protect their position, and is also asked to contact Lloyd’s in writing via the following e-mail address: