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Consumer Alert Regarding Contractors PRO Solutions

Lloyd’s has become aware that Contractors PRO Solutions has been advertising that “Via a Lloyds of London syndicate your personalised solution is completely insured and we are insurred (sic) for up to £5 million in Pl cover”.

Fri 16 Oct 2015

Please see here: Contractors PRO Solutions currently uses this email address: and telephone number: 0345 0523480.

Consumers should be warned that despite engaging with Contractors PRO Solutions Lloyd's has not been able to identify any such coverage having been arranged with underwriters at Lloyd's.

As a result of the above consumers should be aware that it may be unsafe to rely on this purported coverage and if reliance has already been placed upon purported coverage to consider taking all necessary action to obtain alternative coverage, if required, as soon as possible.

Should you wish to raise any queries regarding the businesses named above please contact Lloyd’s at