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Consumer Alert regarding Mr Jack Kill

Consumer Alert regarding Mr. Jack Kill (also known as John Kill) of the Appeal Agency LLC formerly known as Appeal Insurance Agency Inc (Appeal) at PO Box 920666, Peachtree Corners, GA 30010, United States of America.

Thu 10 Jul 2014

Lloyd’s has been made aware that the Georgia Insurance Department has undertaken an investigation with respect to Mr. Kill and Appeal and has concluded that they may have been involved in the issuance of fraudulent policies in the State of Georgia.

Consumers should be warned that Appeal does not hold and has never held any authority from Lloyd’s which permits them to bind or accept insurance or issue documentation on behalf of underwriters at Lloyd’s.

As a result of the above consumers should be aware that it may be unsafe to conduct business with Appeal or rely on documentation which represents that cover has been placed at Lloyd’s. Consumers may need to consider taking all necessary action to obtain replacement coverage, if required, as a soon as possible.

Anyone contacted by or doing business with Mr. Kill or Appeal and offered putative coverage at Lloyd’s is asked to contact Lloyd’s via the following email address:

Additionally, interested parties should contact Mr. Steven McCallum, Fraud Investigator at the Georgia Insurance Department by telephone at: 404 – 558 – 9709 or by email at