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Consumer Alert:“Claude Simpson / Additional Securities Limited / GreenLoan Company Limited”

11 Aug 2023

Lloyd’s has become aware of a website (Additional Securities LTD – Additional Securities LTD) that is citing Lloyd’s registered address of One Lime Street, London , EC3M 7HA (on the website cited as “Office Address: Council Secretariat, One Lime Street London, EC3M 7HA, United Kingdom”). The website is also citing the Company Number – 00325101 – for Additional Securities Limited.

Whilst this is a valid company number for a Lloyd’s company, Lloyd’s is not connected or affiliated in anyway to the services and products being offered on the website.

An individual referred to as Claude Simpson has been linked to the website.

Claude Simpson

Principal Issuing Officer

Surety Bonds

T: +44 (0) 1208247326

M: +44 (0) 7459718935


Claude Simpson in not an employee or linked to Lloyd’s.

As a result of the above consumers are advised to show caution and take appropriate steps to validate any company with whom they are or intend to do business, for example checking the FCA’s website etc. for approved status.