Access for Lloyd's registered brokers, managing agents and approved or prospective coverholders.

Access for coverholders

Whether you're an existing or prospective coverholder, and you haven't got access to ATLAS you can request access by completing the ATLAS application form below:

ATLAS user application form

If you are not yet approved and want to submit an application via ATLAS please ask your sponsoring broker or direct dealing managing agent for your PIN.

Each user must be registered with a Lloyd's account to apply for ATLAS.

Access for Lloyd's registered brokers and managing agents

For access to ATLAS please contact your devolved administrator.

Devolved administrators

When a Lloyd's registered broker or managing agent signs up to use the ATLAS website, they must nominate a devolved administrator (DA), this is also referred to as a super user. We recommend that a company has two devolved administrators. It is also recommended that the DA is someone who deals with coverholders rather than a member of the company's IT Department.

The devolved administrator's main responsibilities are:

  • To create and delete users for the ATLAS website for their company.

  • To ensure persons are appropriate to be added as Users.

  • To help their users with any problems they face on the website with registration.

To change a super user or create an additional one, please fill out the application  form below and send it to the Delegated Authorities Team.

Devolved Administrators application form

Devolved Administrator Guide

Get in touch

Delegated Authorities Helpline



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